Alexander Flora
  • applied science, pre-dentistry/pre-professional
  • Class of 2013
  • Phillips, WI

Alexander Flora Receives Cooperative Education Award

2013 May 14

Alexander Flora of Phillips, Wis., received a Cooperative Education Meritorious Achievement Award at a ceremony held April 10 on campus.

Flora, majoring in Applied Science, worked for Stephen J. Weddle, D.D.S. in Phillips, Wis.

The award is given to students who apply and are selected by the Cooperative Education Advisory Committee. Students are recognized for excellence and achievements in their cooperative positions, for contributions to their employers and for academic achievement.

Cooperative Education is a paid experience and an academic credit course for students to work with employers worldwide. They experience active learning in a setting where they can apply what they have learned in classes at UW-Stout. Many benefits are realized by students, employers and the university from a quality co-op experience.

A record total of 927 UW-Stout students had co-op work experiences with 550 employers last year through Career Services. Students earn a wage, receive a grade and get academic credit for their efforts. The average wage was $13.15 an hour.